Monday, February 27, 2012

Survey Cursed

That’s it, its a curse.
I am not sure but I subscribe to doing surveys, in the hope that one day maybe I will get something worthwhile out of them.
I am officially today hanging up my survey taking boots.


I am survey cursed.
I did one a week ago, they lied, they said I quote “short survey”, I was at freaking page 200 (most boring questions ever about the printer cartridges I use) which was the last page when my internet bombed out, immediately after my internet came back on.

Today I thought that I would try another one, with another company.  At least they don’t lie about the lengths and they tell me that I have a chance to win R100 000 rand regardless of whether I take part or not.
I was at about page 20 when, you guessed it, internet bombs out. 
Surprise, surprise immediately after my internet came straight back on.

I have, touch wood, reliable internet access.  

I know what this is, somebody somewhere did not like my survey answers and they cast a spell on me.

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