Saturday, February 11, 2012

Too many stats

Michael has issues tonight he is pouring out stats.
He was busy making dinner and calculated that he spends 300 hours in the kitchen.  He came to this figure like this:
He says that:
  • he cooks most of time (true)
  • he cooks about 200 days out of 365 (true)
  • he spends about an hour in the kitchen preparing and cooking (true)
  • that he spends about 100 hours a year cleaning the kitchen (true)
  •  I cook about 100 days in a year (true)
  • that I cook for half an hour because I do the minimum and run to my computer (true) making it about 50 hours a year (true)
  • that I don’t clean very often (now that is just nasty)

Then he tells me he spends three months a year in the kitchen and that is like a petty crime prison sentence.

When he started to count how much time in his life he played rugby.
I had to interrupt:
“What is with all the freaken stats tonight?
He says:
“Since I figured out that we are saving R60 000 a year because Jess is taking the bus, it got me to thinking about other statistics.”
Can you connect the dots?  I can’t.

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