Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why do big companies not reply?

Excuse me for a moment I am going to deviate from being funny to rant a little bit.

This is my rant:
Why do big companies not reply?
My list is endless but here are the three that have annoyed me the most.

I sent Dell two emails regarding my Dell Inspiron Laptop.
I love my laptop but there are a few things that I thought they might want to know about.
  • There is a design flaw with the power cable, it is too close to the USB port meaning that I cannot plug in any fattish items into that USB port next to my power cable.  This is the best USB port when it comes to picking up software so it has been a thorn in my side.
  • The battery lasted for a year.  My daughter’s no name brand laptop’s battery lasted for 3 years.
  • The letters on the keys were already rubbing off after a year my daughter’s laptop’s letters are still distinct. We both write compulsively so it can’t be because she uses hers less.

I was suddenly disallowed, I sent them countless emails asking for help.  Even a message on their Facebook page.  Nothing.  Eventually I figured out that because my blog had changed the email address it acknowledges Adsense thought I had a second account.  After 5 months I fixed the problem myself with not a single helpful email or message from Adsense.

Greyhound South Africa:
We have had mishap on mishap using their buses.  The last straw was when their bus left early and left my daughter stranded in the middle of the night.  They once took off with her luggage another time they left her on the side of the road.
I have had one half-hearted message on Facebook but after 4 months no phone call, no email and no investigation (as they promised).


  1. Management does not give a them the customer is more of a nusiance factor than an asset, only when they start facing bankruptcy do they realise the value of a satisfied customer

  2. True unless you have a big voice, USA Mommy bloggers get heard hope that in SA we will grow in strength that corporates start to stand up and notice us as well.