Friday, March 30, 2012

There will be one green bottle standing on the wall.

I am completely alone at home on a Friday night, except for 2 kittens, 2 puppies and a crazy cat. I cannot remember when last this happened or if it has ever happened.

Last year when we had to find a house, Carmen and Jason had recently returned from the Carribean and were going to live with us.  Raewyn was also going to be returning home.

We looked for a house with enough space to fit everybody and we found it.  The house we are renting now has four bedrooms, two lounges, two bathrooms and a little cottage with its own lounge and bathroom.
A week before we moved in Jason found work in Cape Town but it was not permanent and it might have meant moving back. 

At this point I thought:
“Well it is alright Carmen will stay in the cottage for a while then go to Cape Town and look for work.  If she does find work, Raewyn will stay in the cottage.”

Carmen went to Cape Town a few weeks later and found work immediately.
So I resigned myself to that we still had Raewyn.

Raewyn then decided to move to Durban.

Michael, Jess our cats and Hercules our little dog were left in this big house.
Then Hercules died.

We now have two new puppies Cleo and Col, when my sister saw our new “babies” she looked at Michael and I and said:
“Mmm empty nest syndrome”

I miss all that noise and emotion. 
I miss coming home and finding 20 young people are staying over the weekend. 
I miss Michael stalking teenagers see this link.
I miss all the ideas Michael and I had to come up with to feed the hoards on our limited budget.
I miss not being able to sit in my lounge in the mornings because of all the teenage bodies strewn over the couches
I even miss Carmen and Raewyn having one of their screaming fights about anything and everything.

Despite all that.

I am loving this solitude.

Michael is not trying to get my attention to tell me his latest crazy science story.

Michael and Jess are not telling me to put my laptop down and to watch the movie.  (They get annoyed because I keep asking them what has happened. Jess confiscated my laptop from me last night.  When she was concentrating on a show, I stole it back)

I have a “chick flick” on and if I miss too much I can rewind, ha ha (evil laugh).  I don’t have to worry about the dinner dance see this link.  It’s just me.  IT’S ME TIME.


  1. Hi Vivian. Found you at Super Earthling, and your comment on my blog. Nice to meet you. Sounds like your me time is well-deserved. I've never had any of the teenager stuff you describe, only little kid stuff when my niece comes to visit.  Reading that made me happy for my solitude. But I can relate as when my niece leaves after a few weeks I miss the constant noise...and the controlled chaos. Also liked your popcorn post. It's funny that you had to google it. Maybe it's a crass U.S. phenomena!

  2. Hi Stephanie, Nice to meet you as well.  I have been to your blog as well I liked what you had to say about water.  I have a five year old niece who comes for sleep overs some times and we have great fun.   What I am really itching to know about the popcorn trick is whether any girls were actually delighted??

  3. Ohh I LOVE me time. It's just the beest.