Saturday, April 21, 2012


It seems my hormones are a bit topsy turvy.
I had a hysterectomy quite young at 30 so it is probably menopause.
Yesterday, I could not write of focus on anything I was super irritable and tired, Michael was out of town for a business meeting and got home late last night, so he did not notice.
This morning I was being grumpy.
“Why are you so irritable.”
“I think it’s my hormones.”
Michael gives me R20:
“That should sort it out, now that I have paid.”
Later I am telling my friend Lana that I think my hormones are out of zinc.
“When last did you have your hormones checked out?”
“Checked out?”

Lana then tells me that you go to your doctor or gynie and you get a blood test that are sent to the lab to see if your hormone levels are out.  I pictured that you went a bit cookoo and they decided that is it you have crazy hormones.
So I tell her I will go next month to see my doctor.
“I hope you survive till next month.”
“I hope Michael survives till next month.”
PS:  If any of you did not understand why Michael gave me money, there is a cheesy old joke, “How do you make a hor-mone? Don’t pay her.”


  1. Hang in there!  Hormones suck!  We should totally boycott them!  Oh wait...

  2. Yip banning them.....except the aggression is maybe handy.  A freelance client tried to cheat me with payment.  These hormones put me into full attack mode and I have been paid in full now.