Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aliens are messing with our children

In a galaxy far, far away there are evil aliens who have been experimenting with us for centuries.  They were getting a little bored and had a conference. 
The discussion went like this:
Alien 1:
“We have been experimenting with humans for so long it is getting rather tedious”
Alien 2,3,4,5,6,7,etc; nodding heads in excited agreement:
Alien 1:
“I have a plan”
Alien 2:
“What is it?”
Alien 1:
“We create teenagers, when a child turns 13 we take their brain replace it with one of our evil brains and when they turn 19 we will swop it around again.  Wa, ha, ha, ha (evil laugh), those humans are going to suffer.”
I have written up a diagram to illustrate what happens to the mind of a teenager:
Child at 12 years 364 days
Child at 13
My parents are the greatest.
My parents are such losers
I want to go everywhere with my parents.
I would rather die than be seen with the old folks.
My parents know so much.
I know so much
That low cut top looks so slutty.
I have to have that low cut top to show my non-existent cleavage off.
I will never ever smoke.
I look so cool with this cigarette in my mouth.
Don’t fear parents they turn 20 and become rather pleasant again and sometimes the aliens are kind and give them their brains back a bit sooner.
Here is some photographic evidence:
Carmen in her teens:

Carmen at 20:

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