Friday, April 11, 2014

Guide to Cheesy Holidays

My Carmen has accepted a job in China - she leaves in August.

She told me that she would love to make a lot of money and get us all to come have a holiday with her in China.

I said, "Then I could for real take a slow boat in China"

Then I was thinking of how there could be a world tour of cheesy destinations.

1. Take a slow boat in China:

2.  Go to France to kiss:

3.  Go to France to eat fries even though these have nothing to do with France and originated in North America:

4.  See a letter in France:

5. Have a hamburger in Hamburg (again nothing to do with Hamburg - North American invention):

6. Actually go to Timbuktu:  (Check if the Ebolo outbreak is over first)

7. See a fly in Spain:

8. Eat Italian Kisses in Italy (No idea where these originate - chocs filled with ice cream.)  The Italians have a chocolate filled with hazelnut that that they call a Chocolate Kiss):

In South Africa we call these Italian Kisses
9.  Eat cheese in Switzerland - really really cheesy.


  1. Eat a full English Breakfast with me!!!!

  2. If my ship ever comes in I will definitely do that!